Samsung Series 5 Laptop Hands-on

Samsung is continuing their effort to break into the U.S. laptop market with their Series 5 notebooks. 15.6” and 14” varieties will be available, and both will run on 3rd generation Intel Core processors.

The 15.6” Series 5 laptop will run on an Intel i7 processor, backed up by an NVIDIA GeForce GT630M graphics processor that makes the notebook video game-friendly. 8 GB of RAM will supplement that graphics processor. To enhance processing speed, the laptop also employs Intel Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost Technology. Audio is handled by JBL3 speakers and a subwoofer, backed up by SoundAlive technology, which promises to provide virtual surround sound.

The 14” version is slightly less powerful, running an Intel i5 processor that, admittedly, will still be more than enough power for most users out there. Apart from that, the specs of the two Series 5 notebooks are much the same, aside from storage – 500 GB to the 15.6” laptop’s 750 GB. The 14” laptop will also feature a backlit keyboard and Samsung EasyShare, a simplified universal file sharing interface.

Both laptops will include 1.3 MP HD webcams and LED HD 1366 x 768 resolution displays. There’s not a whole lot on the inside that separates the Series 5 from any other laptop on the market right now, so to be convinced to buy one, you’ll probably have to be enamored with the appearance of Samsung’s laptops, which isn’t all that distinctive, either. The 14” Series 5 notebook will sell for $799.99, while the 15.6” Series 5 notebook will sell for $899.99. For a notebook that strongly resembles most others on the market today, those prices aren’t very competitive. They seem like good enough machines, but you’ll probably want to wait around to find a better deal than the listed prices if you want to pick up one of these.

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  1. for an i7 quad core, over 7 hours of battery life, ivy bridge processor, graphics card? hmmm…899 for all of that seems like a pretty standout laptop. 

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