Would You Spend $172,200 for Chewbacca’s Head?!

Apparently, someone didn’t let the Wookiee win this time.

Chewbacca’s disembodied head sold for a staggering $172,200 at an auction over the weekend, along with other bits of movie memorabilia from the original Star Wars trilogy and other popular franchises. The mask is an authentic prop from the classic trilogy, and was actually used during filming. Many a historical growl came from the mouth hole of this masterpiece.

If you’re surprised by the high selling price, you’re not alone – the auctioneers had originally estimated that the Chewbacca mask would fetch between $60,000 and $80,000. But, nothing brings out the fanboys (or the money) quite like the original Star Wars trilogy.

No word on who the auction winner is, or whether or not they’ll be mounting their new prize.

Via NY Daily News

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