Garbage Pail Kids Are Ready to Wreak Havoc on Your Walls

Some kids of the ’80s liked the standard dolls of the day. The attractive ones. Others didn’t. For the others, there were the Garbage Pail Kids.

The gross-out champions of decades past are back and bigger than ever. They’re jumping off trading cards and onto walls in the form of Walls 360 adhesive graphics, ready to make visitors extremely uncomfortable during their entire stay. And, since Walls 360 graphics don’t leave marks on your wall if you remove them, you can rest assured knowing that the nastiness will remain on the graphics alone.

Each graphic is selling from Walls 360 for $12 each. There are well over a hundred designs available, thanks to Walls 360’s partnership with Topps, the makers of the original Garbage Pail Kids trading card line.


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