Your Data’s Single and Ready to Mingle with Mass Effect’s Liara Mimobot

Everyone’s favorite love interest from the original Mass Effect, and by extension the entire series (unless you cheated on her, you space philanderer), is now available in Flash drive form. Mimobot has kicked off their Mass Effect line of USB Flash drives, which will surely by extended in the future.

For now, only Liara and Commander Shepard are available in 16 GB. The Commander Shepard drive goes the extra mile – when you remove the cap, the helmet comes off. Of course, only male Shepard is available, considering that, despite the Mass Effect 3 box art, there still isn’t really a universally accepted idea of what FemShep looks like. The blog indicates that there is a third character in the works, who is currently under wraps. Could be FemShep, but it could just as easily be one of the dozens of other major characters in the series. Take your pick. An extra-rugged Wrex Flash drive might be nice.

The Liara and Commander Shepard 16 GB Flash drives are available now from the Bioware website for $30 each. They’re only on pre-sale now, and aren’t expected to ship until November. Extras include a 1080p cinematic trailer and wallpapers with exclusive artwork.

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