Celebrate National Cell Phone Courtesy Month and Win the HTC One X for AT&T!

This July marks the 10-year anniversary of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and with more wireless devices being used in the United States than there are people (CTIA), cell phone manners are more important than ever. Whether it’s an alarmingly loud ringtone in a restaurant or using your phone in the movie theater, we’ve all been offenders at some point, so make sure to be as courteous as possible when using your cell phone – especially during this month! Plus, to celebrate, we are giving away two HTC One X smartphones from AT&T. You can enter to win one below. But first check out some cell phone courtesy tips, stats and apps… all courtesy of AT&T.

1. Volume control.

Be aware of your surroundings; keep your ringtone on low or vibrate and avoid discussing private or confidential information when in public places like restaurants. Silence your cell phone when you’re having an important conversation so you can offer your full attention and avoid disruption.  If you receive an important call while you’re with company, politely excuse yourself and answer the call or text in another room.

AT&T Tip: Silencing you’re cell phone not only avoids distracting alerts, it also saves battery life!

2. Movie Theater Spotlight.

Silencing your cell phone at the start of a movie is standard these days, but nothing could be more distracting than a bright spotlight when some receives or is responding to a text message in a dark movie theater. If you must use your phone, adjust your settings to a lower brightness.

AT&T Tip: If you have the Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T, you can easily adjust the brightness settings on the homescreen by simply holding you finger on the top of the screen and moving from left to right to dim brightness.

3. Don’t text and drive.

Keep yourself, passengers and other drivers safe as you drive is the most courteous thing one can do.

AT&T Tip: Keep everyone safe on the road by downloading the AT&T DriveMode app. When enabled, the app sends a customizable auto-reply message to incoming texts, letting your friends know you’re behind the wheel and will reply when it’s safe.

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  1. A bad cellphone manner that really bothers me is when you’re talking to someone and you realize they’re actually talking to someone on their bluetooth and not paying you any mind.

  2. When you’re at the store and someone is texing while walking and almost run into you with a child in their cart. js.

  3. What really bothers me is people talking loudly on the phone in the train or subway as if they are the only one there.

  4. People leaving their ringers on and then walking away from their desk with the phone blaring away without response. 

  5. i really really hate when people text and drive, it put themselves and everyone around them in danger. i also hate when i go to pick up friends and they’re immediately texting, no hi, hello, or anything. 

  6. Texting in Theaters
    Using cell phone while driving

    What REALLY bothers me the most is when i see moms on their cell phones instead of watching their kids .I understand we all have to get on our phones for whatever reason for a minute or two but if you’re on your phone for longer than 5 minutes and not even staring at what your what  child is doing then thats BAD  . 

  7. Bothers me when i’m out at a restaurant with someone trying to have a conversation and they pull out their cell phone to text and don’t put it away, its rude 

  8. My mom recent answered her phone in the movie theater and proceeded to have a conversation in Chinese while all of her family was trying to get her to hang up. Sadly she still doesnt get why it was wrong

  9. When people text other people that are in same room, talking smack. I understand, “You have some spinach in your teeth,” etc, but don’t talk about me, when I’m standing right there! 

  10. Talking loudly on the phone in a quiet public place, like the post office or a restaurant. Um, hello?? I don’t need to know all your business!

  11. Talking loudly on the phone in a quiet public place, like the post office or a restaurant. Um, hello?? I don’t need to know all your business! (reposted because I misspelled my email address!)

  12. People taking calls on their mobile device during a movie/tv show or while in attendance at a live event or . No phone calls during the show…please!

  13. When someone doesn’t say ‘excuse me’ if they NEED to answer- really if you are face to face talking they shouldn’t answer
    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  14. Why is my comment not sticking?  Anyways, I hate when people are having VERY personal conversations and they won’t excuse themselves elsewhere.

  15. Texting in a movie theater. The bright lights from the screen can be more annoying than someone talking on their phone in the theater.

  16. I hate when people answer the phone when you’re in the middle of a discussion. It’s just plain rude! They should let the caller leave a message and call them back later.

  17. I hate it when someone’s at the checkout counter and they keep talking on their cell phone. : |

  18. People talking while walking and not paying attention to anything.  Once, I was in the middle of a long checkout line at the grocery store and someone walked right into me.  He turned and moved on as if nothing had happened.  I was tempted to try to stick out my leg and trip him, but I didn’t.

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