Try Explaining This Washing Machine Suitcase to the TSA

Maybe you like making things harder on yourself in the airport security line, because…I don’t know why. If you do, you can always try dragging something through that looks like a washing machine.

OK, so the resemblance isn’t really that strong, but you might at least get a few chuckles from the TSA staff, for what that’s worth. The SuitSuit Cases are hard plastic rolling suitcases with impact-resistant molded shells. They come in five styles – washing machine, loudspeaker, sunflower, Union Jack, and the very subtle This Is My Suitcase.

If the TSA isn’t so amused with your new suitcase, the SuitSuit Cases come with TSA approved locking mechanisms, so at least the super-fun experience of having your luggage dug through by strangers should go by a little bit faster.

Of course, the only really obvious benefit of these suitcases is that they stand out. When you see your suitcase on the luggage carousel, you’re going to know it’s yours. There isn’t going to be any doubt.

The SuitSuit Cases are selling now on Firebox for $187.79 each.