Try Taking This Credit Card Folding Knife As a Carry-On

The TSA frowns upon knives as it is. If you try to sneak this carefully concealed blade in, you’re definitely going to have a bad time.

This portable blade comes in the form of a credit card, at 8.4 cm x 5.3 cm. Once you undo the safety lock on the blade, you can fold out the blade, then transform the card around it into a handle.

I guess if transforming automatically adds style points for you, there’s that. Otherwise, I’m not sure why you’re buying this unless you’re actually trying to sneak a blade in somewhere. I’m thinking after the third or fourth time of folding and unfolding this thing on your routine camping trip, the novelty would wear off.

If you want to buy this transforming blade, head over to Brando before the government notices and sticks you on the terrorist watch list for ordering one.

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