AppControl is a Portable Gamepad for Your iPhone

Looking to get a more traditional gaming experience on your iPhone? Now you can get one on the cheap.

AppControl, from AppToyz, is a small gamepad that covers the bottom of the iPhone’s touchscreen. It features a D-pad and two buttons, and works with a few apps developed by AppToyz. AppControl attaches itself to an iPhone using what the company describes as “ever stick material.” We’re hoping that won’t leave residue on the iPhone’s screen, but it’s hard to tell. There’s also a keychain attachment, so you can carry AppControl around in your pocket, which is great as long as that ever stick material isn’t good at picking up pocket lint.

AppControl currently only works with knock-off titles like Invaderz, Appteroidz (yeah, I know), and Mission Control. The fact that AppControl only works with these games seems to suggest that the gamepad is just an overlay for a touch control scheme mapped onto the iPhone’s touchscreen specifically for those three games.

But, as far as consumer experiments go, this is a cheap one. The apps are free, and AppControl is selling from AppToyz for a little less than $8.

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