Ready, Set, Aim, Screw with the Gun Shaped Drill

Even a drill gun has to have a fancy makeover. The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is obviously not your typical drill; in fact there is nothing typical about it at all.I probably wouldn’t wave this device openly in public, just in case someone mistakes you for Bob Villa going berserk.

The Drill Gun is shaped as a revolver and comes complete with 6 bits in the barrel of the ‘gun.’ Just press on the trigger, and watch this baby go crazy screwing things in, while leaving a trail of wood dust and sheet rock in its wake. But that certainly is better than leaving a trail of bullets and blood in its wake!

The Drill gun comes complete with an AC Adapter and enough bits to leave holes in your walls. Now if your guy or gal wants to play with guns, you might as well give them this, so at least they will fix something permanently, but in a good way. The Drill Power Screwdriver retails for $39.95 from Gadgets and Gear.

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