Windows Phone App of the Week: Keep Your Family Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine With Family Organizer

Family Organizer is the companion app to AboutOne.com, which acts as a base for you to keep everything about your family organized and in one place.

With an AboutOne.com account, you can create a calendar and store family photos that every member of the family can access. You can also scan receipts and enter data about home expenditures and any bills that are in the process of being paid off. Even information about the four-legged friends of the family can be stored on the account.

More importantly, medical records and emergency instructions can be uploaded to the account, which can made accessible to others in case of a medical emergency. AboutOne.com touts “bank-level” security, as reassurance that those medical records won’t be at risk in their hands.

Family Organizer is the mobile dashboard that manages all of that data, allowing users to edit fields or add information to their accounts. If used to its fullest potential, an AboutOne.com account should be the ultimate one-stop repository of all vital family information.

Family Organizer is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. There is also a free AboutOne account available, but that does not include a family calendar. The Premium and Premium Plus accounts do, and cost $5 and $10 per month, respectively.

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