iPhone App of the Week: The Facebook 5.0 App Gets a Speed Boost

This week Facebook released the Facebook 5.0 for iOS update, hoping to improve on what has been a less-than-warmly received iPhone app. The new update promises that the app will be twice as fast when launching and during use. At the same time, the user interface has remained almost identical to the previous version, so there is no learning curve with this new update, but just a faster more responsive user experience.

One important improvement is the new photo viewer. Tapping on photos will make them appear much faster than before, and they can be dismissed quickly with a downward swipe.

On top of that, scrolling through the news feed should be much smoother, and you’ll find a dedicated bar near the top of the screen that will notify you when new stories on your feed appear.

You can get the free Facebook 5.0 for iOS update now on the iTunes App Store.

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