53% of Parents Use Their Mobile Device to Calm Down Their Children [INFOGRAPHIC]

I don’t know if this means you can put the pacifier out to pasture just yet, but it certainly makes it look like we’re headed in that direction.

A recent survey conducted by chip-maker Qualcomm revealed that 53 percent of smartphone-owning parents of children aged 13 or younger have used their mobile devices to calm or comfort their children. Of course, this number should and probably will tick higher – after all, a baby rattle or even the venerable See ‘N’ Say have nothing on the outrageously broad selection of silly images and sounds that you can find somewhere on the Internet.

The survey also revealed that 56 percent of smartphone owners have used a mobile device on a date – how much of that 56 percent were people taking out their phones to field fake calls to get out of bad dates is unknown. Slightly more depressing is the 13 percent who have used their mobile devices at a funeral, although that probably speaks more to our inability to get away from mobile devices than it says of our respect for the dead. Perhaps the two are related.

One thing is for sure – whether you like it or not, the drive of the mobile device to become an inseparable part of daily life continues unabated.


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  1. We use ours in our house instead of doing things like bellowing up the stairs “Dinner’s ready!” or “Go to bed!” or “Do your homework NOW!” Saves wear and tear on the ol’ throat.

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