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Britney Spears Rocks the Spots with Twister Dance [Review]

Spotted earlier this year, Hasbro teased us with an updated version of Twister called Twister Dance.  Twister Dance is a fun new way to play Twister that not only encourages you to have quick reflexes when it comes to landing on those infamous spots, but to also throw a little rhythm into that foot action. With the help of Britney Spears, Twister is getting a refresh that is squarely targeted at pre-teen audiences, and specifically young women.  Girls love to dance, girls love Britney and Britney loves Twister. So Hasbro sought to make this collaboration innovative by debuting a whole new remix of of  “Till the World Ends” on Twister Dance. This is also followed up by an exclusive video for Twister Dance featuring Britney rocking the spots in a commercial.

“Dancing has been such an important part of my life since I was a little girl,” said Britney Spears. ” As soon as I saw the Twister Dance game, I knew I wanted to be involved. I think kids will love rocking the spots and dancing to the music as much as my boys and I do. It’s a lot of fun!”

Twister Dance is as fun and simple as the original iconic version. Gone though is the spinner dictating which spot to put your foot on next. This time there is a Twister Dance console. In the box is also 8 spots: two pairs of red, blue, yellow, and green. The material of the spots is a bit rubbery which will guarantee your foot doesn’t slip off and stays put on the floor without sliding.

Twister Dance comes with 5 pre-programmed songs: Britney’s remixed “Till the World Ends,” “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith, “We R Who We R” by Ke$sha, “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid, and lastly “Caught up in a Twister”, which is an exclusive song for Twister Dance.  Once you have mastered those tracks, the included AUX cable will let you connect any other external media source and let you rock the spots to your own tunes.

Just power the console on, follow the multi-colored pattern and dance your way on to each spot. There are different levels from beginning to advanced. For those willing to give advanced a try, be sure your neighbors below don’t mind your heavy footwork. The console will detect the beat of each song and display the colors accordingly.


While Twister Dance is a lot of fun, it definitely is more so when you are actually dancing and putting your whole body into moving and grooving onto those colored circles. If you have absolutely no rhythm it is still fun too, but kind of misses the whole point of the “dancing,” so perhaps the traditional Twister game is more up your alley. For young women in particular, Hasbro is hoping Twister Dance gives girls the freedom of expression through dance and music. We think Twister has just got its groove back with Twister Dance. Twister Dance is available now for $34.99.

The Good: Lots of fun for those that like to dance while playing a game. Britney Spears collaboration adds a whole new layer to this game. This is not an app , but something that actually gets you off the couch!

The Bad: For those that have no rhythm and don’t like to dance, this version of Twister may not be for them. Speakers could have been a bit better and the colors a bit brighter. Only 1 to 2 players.

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