Doctor Who TARDIS Deluxe Journal for the Student Time Lord

Of course, school-hating students everywhere will be disappointed to learn that this TARDIS will in fact not take them back in time to the beginning of summer.

The Doctor Who TARDIS Deluxe Journal is a replica of the familiar time traveling blue telephone booth from the show, with a top-bound 160 sheet notepad tucked away inside. Who knows, maybe some brilliant student out there will scrawl the beginnings of a time machine in one of these pages this year. We can dream, right?

The Doctor Who TARDIS Deluxe Journal is almost ready to whisk students on a time-traveling adventure through the upcoming nine months. It’s selling now from Entertainment Earth for $15, but it looks like it got stuck a couple of months in the future – it won’t ship until this November.


  • Delia

    hahaha, my sister would love this…