Intel’s Ultimate Coder Challenge: Week 4

It’s week 4 of the competition and the apps are showing real progress

Intel’s Ultimate Coder Challenge is a unique competition where 6 developers go head to head to develop the ultimate Ultrabook app. I am participating as a judge in the competition, and over the past few weeks, I have been following the progress of these developers as they work to complete the ultimate Ultrabook app. Time sure is flying by, because somehow we have managed to arrive at week 4 of Intel’s Ultimate Coder Challenge. And because the final weeks are quickly approaching, we’re expecting to see a lot of progress from the developers at this point. And so far, they haven’t disappointed us. Here is where they are all at:

Lee has been inspired by some of what the other developers have been doing and has been aggressively adding more and more features to his Love Hearts app. That includes taking advantage of the NFC controller in the Ultrabook. He has a neat demo on his blog where you can see the Love Hearts app responding to him tapping a Nexus 7 on to his Ultrabook. He has also been successful in integrating swiping gestures, multi-finger gestures into the app, as well as features that take advantage of the Ultrabook’s webcam, and accelerometer. He is also throwing in some mini games. It almost seems like Lee is throwing in everything but the kitchen sink, so until we actually get a build to play with, we’re not sure where the app is headed. But one thing is for sure, the Love Hearts app is getting quirkier and quirkier each week.

Speaking of moving at a fast pace, George & Suresh have their Ultrabook optimized version of MoneyBag available for download for everyone to try out! And as for new additions – they have also been working on integrating the Location API into their app. You can check out a demo video of the MoneyBag app below. And to top it all off, they have even been working on an Ultrabook development guide as an ebook release. How they have managed to fit in time for that just puts me to shame!

Shailesh has been busy teasing his BioLQ for performance, and that is certainly not one element to be neglected in the pursuit of making an app cool. He has also been busy figuring out how to monetize the app properly.

John says that their Wind Up Football game is complete! But now they are busy focusing on polishing it up. His team is busy talking about how the game takes advantage of the Ultrabook’s graphics performance, as well as touch. They are also looking to throw on some additions, like tutorials. We can’t help but notice the air of confidence that these guys have about them on video, especially considering there are still 2 solid weeks left for the competition.

Sagar has been busy integrating tilt navigation by taking advantage of the Ultrabook’s built-in accelerometer. More specifically, they are designing the Shufflr app’s to respond to one video shift per tilt, which is perfect for watching video while reclining. His plans over the next few weeks include adding more multi-touch gestures and possibly integrating some GPS functionality. Last but not least, Andreas has been fine-tuning his vocabulary training app and is considering throwing in a word card game.

Finally, all of the developers, and the judges, including myself, will be at IDF next week. So while everyone has the week “off” from the competition, it’s worth following everyone’s blogs to see what happens while we’re all at IDF.

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