Unlock the Club Door with Latest Swatch Watch

Members of the Swatch Club get their loyalty rewarded once a year with an official Swatch Club watch, and this year, it’s wearing its exclusivity on its face.

This special edition electric blue New Gent Lacquered watch will have a blue face with a keyhole that lets owners to peek into the inner workings of the watch. Those inner workings will be unique from watch to watch – each watch is manufactured with a random combination of colored components, and there are enough components in there to all but guarantee that no two watches will be alike.

Not content to do anything but drive home the keyhole theme, the watch will come in a box that has a keyhole cutout that lets owners peek at the watch, so they can peer through the watch’s keyhole into the inner workings of the watch. Cue Xzibit. Club members will also get a large plastic key with a unique serial number, for some reason.

Club members can expect their 2012 Club Watch soon. The rest of us can buy New Gent Lacquered watches, which do have transparent windows looking into the clockworks inside, but no keyhole – that’s locked behind closed doors.


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