Targus Gets Chic With New Ultrabook Stylus

Sooner rather than later, a capacitive touchscreen on an ultrabook is going to be considered as something that should be standard issue. Out of the upcoming batch of ultrabooks that will be released along with Windows 8, many will feature touchscreens, to best take advantage of Microsoft’s new operating system.

Targus is getting ready in advance by releasing this chic looking stylus that the company says is designed with ultrabooks in mind. The Ultralife Stylus has a professional-looking lux bronze finish, and comes with a magnetic clip that can be affixed onto an ultrabook with removable adhesive. Of course, as long as you’re dealing with capacitive touchscreens, there’s nothing in particular stopping this stylus from being used with smartphones and tablets, either.

The Ultralife Stylus isn’t ready to ship yet (we would imagine it won’t be until those Windows 8 ultrabooks start hitting stores), but when it does become available, you’ll be able to nab one for about $20.