Acer Debuts Latest Windows 8 Hybrid PC – the Iconia W700

Speedy ultrabooks and souped up tablets aren’t the only things that Windows 8 will be ushering in later this month. We’ll also get our first look at hybrid tablet-PCs that offer a new kind of flexibility in computing. The Acer Iconia W700 Tablet looks to be one of those.

The 11.6” tablet is indeed a tablet – you can carry it around and use it as one, although it is a bit bigger than most other tablets currently on the market. It’s also a PC when you combine it with the stand and Bluetooth keyboard that are packaged with the W700. If you’re a fan of bigger tablets, computers like the W700 should eliminate the need to buy a separate notebook and tablet for many.

The specs make the W700 a hybrid, too. It won’t be running on the usual tablet processors – it’ll get a fully fledged, notebook-worthy Intel Ivy Bridge processor, though your choice will be limited to the i3 and the i5. It’ll also be running Windows 8 – the same Windows 8 you’ll see on any other PC hitting the market after the end of this month.

The W700 sports a Full HD 1080p IPS touchscreen display in 1920 x 1080 resolution. That touchscreen supports 10-point touch, as well. It still won’t quite give you what you would expect out of a full PC, though – Intel HD Graphics 4000 will be good for watching videos in HD, but not much else. No advanced graphics processor means that while you can play games that are apps, don’t expect to be firing up StarCraft or anything like that.

The W700 has an aluminum unibody design and, despite the PC-grade hardware involved, manages to stay thin and light at less than a half inch thick at 2.3 pounds. An accelerometer and GPS technology are also housed inside. Impressively, you’ll also have your choice of 128 GB or 64 GB solid-state drives for storage. Acer Green Instant On boots up the W700 in six seconds, while Acer Cloud and Acer Always Connect help expedite Wi-Fi connections and sharing with other mobile devices and PCs. The W700 will not be able to connect to data networks like 3G or LTE.

There are rear-facing and front-facing cameras, as well – the 5 MP rear camera can take video in 1080p, while the front-facing camera is a 720p HD offering. Dolby Home Theater v4 provides the audio. The battery life for the W700 is put at about eight hours.

Besides the Bluetooth keyboard, the W700 will also come with a cradle that allows users to view the tablet at a variety of angles and both in landscape and portrait modes. A protective case is also included.

Like the Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook, the Iconia W700 will be available in October 26th, right around the official release of Windows 8. You’ll be able to get the W700 in a variety of configurations, with prices ranging from about $800 to $1,000.

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