FELTaudio Introduces an iPhone Accessory For an iPhone Accessory

Where does it end, we ask? FELTaudio is gearing up to sell not just cases, but accessories that can be attached to those cases for the purpose of bolstering your audio experience.

Sometime this year, FELTaudio will roll out a set of two audio modules that attach to cases for iOS devices, though there is no specific mention of whether or not there will be cases for the iPhone 5. Still, it’s good a bet. The two modules communicate with the device in question via Bluetooth, and can be swapped easily. The first module features high-quality earbuds and cords that will only extend to the extent that is necessary, hopefully cutting down on tangled wires or, worse, getting those cords caught on a door handle. The other module is a portable, wireless speaker that will also be affixed to the back of a FELTaudio protective case.

There’s no word yet on when we’ll be seeing these on sale, but you can keep tabs on the FELTaudio website and check for updates there.

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