How to Unlock your iPhone 5 for $5

It feels like just yesterday I spent the whole afternoon jailbreaking my iPhone and unlocking it with Ultrasnow. I travel internationally a lot, so having an unlocked iPhone has always been a priority for me. More recently, I had resorted too purchasing factory unlocked iPhones from Apple, so that I didn’t have to go through the hassle of waiting for the Jailbreak community to catch up with iOS updates. But there is no surprise why jailbreaking and unlocking has become so popular, after all, not everyone has the cash to shell out for a factory unlocked iPhone.

Things started to improve for unlockers last year when AT&T announced that they would provide an IMEI unlock for customers who were out of contract. Since then, many private sellers like Apple N Berry have managed to replicate AT&T’s IMEI unlock service for a fee. But while Apple N Berry charges $49.95 for their IMEI unlock service, you can find sellers on ebay offering the same unlocking service for under $5! I tried one such seller myself and had my AT&T iPhone 5 unlocked within a few hours.

Unlocking any other smartphone for a few bucks would not normally be impressive, but for the iPhone, things have certainly come along way.

Unfortunately many carriers don’t have a Nano sim option available yet, so how useful it is to unlock your iPhone 5 is debatable. But the thrifty amongst us can easily order a micro-sim to Nano-sim cutter for under $10. And if you’re really adventurous, you can DIY without a cutter altogether.

Regardless of how you do it, Unlocking the iPhone 5 is almost too easy now, and it’s about time!


  1. Watch out!!! Your iphone can be permanently banned from the network becasue of unproper unlocking methods!! Luckily i only tried this with my old 3GS, i bought the servicefrom the same seller for less than 5$, all were fine for some time but after 3 weeks my iphone could not connect to ANY network. I was searching on the net and many people had the same situation, their phone IMEI was permanently banned becasue of unproper unlocking methods.

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