Android App of the Week: Samsung’s NFC-enabled TecTiles Get an Update, Can Now Handle Multiple Commands

Those NFC-friendly stickers that you get with NFC-friendly Samsung smartphones these days just got an interesting update that could be helpful in everyday life. At the very least, they’ll be fun to play around with for a while.

Previously, tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone to a TecTile could only launch one action – switch your phone to vibrate or silent when entering a meeting room, for example. Now, you can string together multiple commands in one sequence. For example, if you have a car with a smart entertainment system, you can fire up Bluetooth and launch your music playing app in sequence with one tap on your TecTile, after you’ve programmed the TecTile to do that.

The other significant update is multiple profiles – TecTiles can now be programmed to do different things in response to individual smartphones. Going back to the ringtone example, each employee will be able to individually decide whether tapping their phone to the TecTile will change their phone to vibrate or to silent mode. In the family, each person will be able to keep their own profile for the TecTiles around the house, so each TecTile can be made to do something different for each family member.

You’ll also be able to keep a log of all programmed TecTiles, as well as create private TecTiles that only you and your smartphone can use.

The TecTile 3.0 update is free on Google Play. To get more TecTile stickers, you can go to Samsung’s website and buy five for $15.

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