Windows Phone App of the Week: Windows Phone 8 Theme Disguises Those Sad Old Windows Phones

Unfortunately, as you probably already know, if you have a Windows Phone right now, you’re not getting Windows Phone 8 on it. Might as well get the next best thing.

Windows Phone 8 is a new theme for current Windows Phones that mirrors the look and feel of the new and improved Metro UI coming when the real Windows Phone 8 rolls out later this year. Live Tiles can be resized, dragged, dropped, pinned, and unpinned, and other basic utilities are presented in the updated style found in Windows Phone 8. It’s still a work in progress, but the developers promise that more apps, including maps, settings, and the video player, will see updates soon.

It’s no replacement for the real thing, but if you’re in love with the new Metro UI and not in love with the idea of buying a whole new phone just to get it, the free Windows Phone 8 theme wouldn’t be a bad pick up.


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