X-Doria Venue Case for iPhone 5 Review

There’s already competition among iPhone 5 cases. The X-Doria Venue Case for iPhone 5 sports a very familiar design to Speck’s CandyShell cases, soft protection on the inside and a tough durable shell on the outside. X-Doria went for a bolder two-tone design.

The X-Doria Venue is a one piece form fitting case. On the inside of the case is a soft rubber shock absorbent lining. The outside is made of a glossy polycarbonate hard shell. X-Doria uses the soft rubber for the bold V-shaped accents on the back of the case, the button overlays, and the protective bezel around the screen.

Much like the CandyShell, the Venue has rubberized button overlays for easy access to the buttons. The overlays aren’t quite as large as Speck’s, but they still function well. The Venue has a fully exposed bottom for docking and access to ports and speakers. There’s a camera/flash cutout on the back of that’s so large you can see iPhone 5’s two-tone design. The vibrate toggle is easily accessible; it’s one of the better cutouts we’ve seen on iPhone 5 cases.

The X-Doria Venue and Speck CandyShell both provide solid protection thanks to their duo material design. The CandyShell has a little extra cushion around iPhone’s screen, but the Venue is a bit sleeker and still exceeds iPhone’s face. While the V-shaped accents are bolder and a little more in-your-face than Speck’s CandyShell, we found the CandyShell to feel a bit nicer and grippier in-hand. Also the gaps between the V accents are prone to dirt buildup.

Our black on grey model is a little more laid back in design than other color options, but we love that the black hard shell is nearly identical to the look and feel of iPhone’s black glass. It doesn’t seem to easily scuff and feels pretty durable.

While we love Speck’s CandyShell, we have to hand it to X-Doria, they’ve built a great case for iPhone 5, especially so early on. It’s durable, protective, light, sleek, and cool looking, plus it’s available in a six fun and bold color schemes. It’s currently available for $34.99 from Shop.X-Doria.com.

The Good: Sleek, Light, Bold Accents, Fun Color Schemes, Good Cutouts and Button Overlays
The Bad: Could Have More Protection Around Screen Bezel, Gaps Between Accents Collect Lint and Dust, Sharp Edges

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