Restoration Hardware Debuts a Gramophone for the iPhone 5

There seems like there is no store that won’t cater to the iPhone or iPad. Restoration Hardware is the latest high-end furniture retailer to announce the availability of an accessory for your favorite iOS gadget. While it isn’t very unique, it is the first time the Gramophone is being sold officially at such a well known store. Many have attempted this design on Etsy and even some smaller companies have mass produced Gramophone’s for the iPhone before.

However, Restoration Hardware’s version takes on a whole other level. Crafted using walnut and fine walnut veneer along with iron and brass – the Hardware Restoration Gramophone looks more like a relic than a modern day piece of technology. I assume that is the point, so it falls in line with the rest of the Restoration Hardware motif.

The metal horn will boost the volume of your device three to four times but will bolster your gadgets looks 10 times over. The Gramophone for iPhone 5 or New iPad retail for $249 and $299 respectively.

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