The Terminator Has Nothing On This UK Man’s Real Robotic Arm

We got there. We officially have robotic prosthetic arms that are in working order. Just ask Nigel Auckland.

Auckland, who lost his lower right arm in an incident that involved smelting and an industrial blender – nothing more need be said – is getting to live life with two hands again for the first time in six years. A prosthetics company, RSLSteepe, chose him to test their new robotic prosthetic arm, called the bebionic3 myoelectric hand. By twitching muscles in his upper arm, Auckland can use one of the hand’s 14 different grips, which allow him to crack eggs, tie his shoes, and use a mouse and keyboard.

The arm comes with a covering matching Auckland’s skin (though, if it’s me, I’m wearing that thing uncovered and proud). Sounds like Auckland doesn’t always cover it up, either – he’s mentioned that people have come up to ask him about what he terms his “Terminator Arm.” That “Terminator Arm” is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, and is actually only on loan to Auckland for the next four months, as is the case with six other people testing the arm out elesewhere in the United Kingdom. The arms aren’t cheap – when they are officially released for use this week, it will cost $40,000 to equip a single patient with one myoelectric hand. Still, Auckland hopes the company will let him keep it after the trial period is over. Here’s hoping that pans out.

Via NY Daily News

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