Cassette Eye-Shadow Compact Will Rock Your Face

How much ’80s can you cram into one product? A lot, apparently.

The cassette tape makes a noble attempt at a comeback in the form of a compact filled with eye-shadow. You’ll be able to relive awesome memories of the tape skipping and getting eaten and/or mauled by the tape deck while you apply your make-up, which, appropriately, is provided in outstanding examples of ’80s colors. The two sets come with two colors each – metallic silver and ice blue for one, metallic gold and teal for the other.

If you’re going to an ’80s party, this one’s probably worth it just for the colors alone. But, if you long for pre-Internet days, the retro value is obvious. You can get the Cassette Eye-Shadow Compact for a little under $18 on Firebox.

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