Chevrolet’s Test Track is as Close to Tron as You Can Get

The happiest place on earth has the need for speed – the Chevorlet Test Track opened at the Epcot Center in Disneyworld this week, and is ready to take kids and adults alike into the world of auto engineering and design.

It’s clear both companies put a lot of time and effort into building up a complete and engaging experience. Chevrolet’s relationship with Disney has been long lasting and this re-imagining of the Test Track is just another example of how well the two companies collaborate from concept to execution.

The core of that experience is the Chevrolet Design Center. Visitors are able to view current Chevrolet concept cars, as well as design their own using a number of creative tools on hand. The bulk of the design options will affect the appearance of the car, but you will be able to select different attributes to emphasize, like capability, efficiency, responsiveness, and power. You can even choose your car’s color, specific detailing, or even add engine boosters – all from a touchscreen panel.

After the design’s all set, you can take your creation for a spin. You’ll get a special card containing your car’s attributes, then get behind the wheel of a simulator to find out how your car would actually handle in a vareity of situations, hopefully teaching you a little about the challenges of the design process along the way.

The simulation is just beautiful and plays out as if you were just dropped into a scene out of TRON. You and three other passengers become ensconced in a world that is entirely designed as a grid with bright colors and defining lines. Then you are kicked outdoors to experience a roller coaster type experience – so it is best to hold-on tight for what could be speeds of 60MPH and above.

Chevrolet and Disney have managed to pack a little more into Test Track, though. After the test drive, you’ll get scored on each of the four attributes listed above, and you’ll be able to create your own commercial for your new roadster, complete with customizable effects and music. You won’t even have to talk about APR financing. I guess you can if you want an authentic experience, though.

You’ll also be able to race your creation against the cars of others on a digital race track, and pose for pictures with real Chevrolet concept cars or your own creation, thanks to a little green screen action. Those Chevrolet concept cars will be on display throughout Test Track, and you’ll even be able to get inside of them as you get a glimpse of what the future holds for Chevrolet cars and trucks.

Chevrolet and Disney have brought a unique experience to Epcot and it is perfect for those who not only love cars but also a dash of Sci-Fi.

Admission to the Chevrolet Test Track comes along with the ticket for admission to the Epcot Center.


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