New York City Celebrated Christmas on the Internet

You’re back home for the holidays. You’ve spent a few hours catching up with the family. You’ve eaten, probably opened presents by now. Maybe you’ve even played a few board games.

Then, that family member pipes up. You know the one. Suddenly, you either need to get out of there or risk a Christmas spirit-killing incident.

There are many other situations like that that would drive us to the land of the Internet on Christmas Day. That’s why it’s not too surprising (or depressing) that Mixpanel, an analytics company, found that overall Internet activity increased by 5 percent on the 25th, compared to the 18th. Lots of people love spending time with their families. Some see it is a yearly obligation that needs to get knocked out with perseverance and aplomb, not altogether unlike a 20-page report due the following day. We all have different situations, but one thing is just about universal – it is nigh impossible to spend a full day with family, Christmas Day or not. And, when that moment comes when you need to take a breather, the warm glow of the Internet is ready to embrace you. That warm glow used to be the television, but, you know, time marches on.

Top Internet Cities on Christmas Day:

New York City
Los Angeles
San Francisco

51 percent of activity came from mobile devices. Despite Android having a larger market share, 54 percent of activity came from Apple devices, compared to 44 percent for Android devices. That’s not too surprising, since the disproportionate data use of Apple devices has often been the source of gleeful Tim Cook cracks at Apple events. What those numbers do make clear is that everyone who does not make iOS or Android has a lot of ground to make up.

Mixpanel analyzed data from 50 million unique devices, including the individual actions taken on those devices.

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