Finally a Charm Bracelet for Geeks! Take that Pandora…

Maybe the Pandora charms and charm bracelets don’t quite do it for you. Maybe you need something with a little more culture.

Think Geek has a solution – the celebration of geek culture that is this charm bracelet. The bracelet is made of sterling silver, and has a toggle clasp, which seems more convenient, at least. Some of the charms, like the Celtic Knot and the Black Enamel with Crystals, are kind of stretches in the geek world, but the old-school My Computer icon, the 1-up mushroom from Super Mario Bros. (that looks like it should be worth about a million ups), and the Companion Cube from Portal more than make up for what the others may lack.

The seven charms you see are the only seven available, besides a charm featuring Timmy (the Think Geek monkey) that comes free with the purchase of the bracelet. The bracelet and charms also come in swanky gift boxes, in case you’re thinking of gifting one for the holidays this year. The bracelet itself is selling for about $40, while the individual charms range in price from $13 to $30 ($30 for the Companion Cube charm, which is actually a licensed Portal product).



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