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HBO’s GIRLS Get Their Very Own Nail Polish

Do you like HBO’s Girls? Do you like nail polish? Alliteration?

If you checked all those boxes, you should check out this new line of nail polish. That’s right, if you thought you embodied Hannah, Shosh, Marnie, or Jessa, now you can wear their shade of nail polish. Branded with the show’s name, there are four colors picked to match the personalities of the show’s four lead characters. Deborah Lippmann, who I guess knows her way around the world of colored, well-polished nails, designed the nail polish line along with the show’s creator, Lena Dunham. Lippman has already dipped her nails into some True Blood. So this latest collaboration with an HBO series is not so out of the box.

The entire set is set to be released January 15 of next year, a couple days after the premiere of season two of Girls. You can pre-order the Girls nail polish set now for $45.

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