Art. Lebedev Unveils Lifesize Optimus Popularis Booth at CES 2013

Ever since Art Lebedev released the Optimus Maximus, a (rather expensive) full-sized keyboard with small, modifiable displays on every key, a smaller, cheaper version has been said to be in the works.

That smaller, cheaper version – Popularis – has seen some makeovers, but it’s finally ready to be shown off at CES next month in Las Vegas. It still figures to be awfully expensive for a keyboard – all of those little displays don’t come cheap, after all. But, if you want a keyboard that is totally, completely customizable in virtually every possible sense of the word, you have to go with the Popularis. You can assign individual images and bindings to each key on the keyboard – some uses would include changing up the alphabet displayed on your keyboard, or just stuffing your keyboard full of slang acronyms. The point is, the Optimus Popularis is anything you want it to be.

It’s a highly anticipated item in some circles, and that means that it’s due for a grand entrance. So it will be – Popularis’ coming out party will be on a huge scale. Art Lebedev’s booth at CES will feature an enormous, life-size version of the keyboard, to show off just what the technology can do. That includes 10 FPS video, which can also be bound to those key displays. Of course, we’re also hoping for another big sign at this booth next week – the final pricing and availability details for this guy, or at least whether or not it’s coming out anytime soon.



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