Philips Rolls Out Slew of Lightning Ready iPhone 5 Docks

Philips’ new Lightning connector docks for the iPhone 5 are coming soon, and ready to fit every little niche in your music-listening life.

The Portable Docking Speaker is the mobile offering, a small and thin oval-shaped speaker with eight hours of battery life. Philips claims that this one specializes in producing deep bass, using Philips’ own wOOx technology. The Room to Room Docking Speaker is for the home, and has neodymium drivers powerful enough to push sound out into multiple rooms of the home, so you can go about your business without having to switch from one device to another. The Bedroom Docking Speaker is just for the nightstand, and has its own digital time display and an extra USB port on the back if you want to charge a second mobile device.

These are surely just the first of many, but if you have the need for Lightning docks, Philips has them. The Portable Docking Speaker will sell for about $130, while the Room to Room Docking Speaker and Bedroom Docking Speaker will sell for $130 and $90, respectively.


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