The United States Postal Service Is Not Going to Like This App

The venerable USPS was already looking a little long in the tooth. Digital Postal Mail isn’t going to help.

Digital Postal Mail is a new free iOS app that takes exact digital copies of the mail you would normally receive (usually bills), and sends them to you electronically, instead. You can still opt to receive paper copies, as well. DPM works with individual mailers (AT&T, Verizon, and American Express, for example), rather than the post office, so the old USPS really is left out in the cold on this one. To assure safety, DPM has rigged up security measures like VeriSign, which usually handles banking business.

You might be wondering – why not just pay those bills online? Seems like it would be an awful lot easier. That said, meticulous record keepers should revel at the sight of DPM. All of your digital mail is archived and can be accessed at any time. Plus, those exact copies of the snail mail versions are, in some cases, more detailed. DPM provides a paperless way to keep those records, which is great, because now you won’t have to end up on an episode of Hoarders, with paper bills spanning decades, stacked to the ceiling.

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