Egg Yolks Be Gone! Pluck Sucks the Yellow Away

An egg yolk separater would make a great gift to the health nut in your life. In case you aren’t fond of the classic egg shell dive technique, Quirky is has brought us this fairly quirky product, the Pluck. Crack an egg into a bowl, place the Pluck just over the yellow yolk of artery clogging and squeeze. The yolk pops right up into the chamber and problem solved! It can hold multiple yolks. That will be useful for the bakers out there. I’m curious if this would work with a broken yolk, seeing as how that happens so often, especially with organic eggs. If you want a more clear demonstration of how it works, check out their youtube promotional video on the Quirky site, complete with a magician, black and white film, and old timey music.

If that doesn’t make you rush over and and buy this, I don’t what will. Available on Quirky for $12.99. Gotta love their tag line- Sunny Side Out. This might also come into handy for when you accidentally spill into much spice or salt, you could quickly snap it up, making this a multi use kitchen tool.

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