GelaSkins HardCase for iPhone 5 Review

GelaSkins has been leading the gadget skin market for some time now, the company offers a vast selection of high quality skins for your cases with artwork from a curated selection of arts. But it’s not just skins that GelaSkins makes – they also make cases. Their latest is the HardCase for iPhone 5.  like with their skins, the HardCase is available covered in artwork from a curated selection of artists.

We chose art from their Tokidoki series. Tokidoki’s artwork is full of vibrant colors, so the design of this case really pops. The colors are printed on well, and the design looks like it will wear well. To compliment the case, GelaSkin offers a matching digital wallpaper for your iPhone.

The case itself is made of a strong plastic. Fortunately this plastic material is strong but still quite thin. It offers just enough protection for your iPhone 5, while still keeping a thin profile. Also, the case extends just enough past the display of the iPhone to offer front-facing protection in a drop.

Unfortunately, snapping the case on to the iPhone 5 proved to take way too much effort, much more so than the average iPhone case – this is a super tight fit. Even worse is how difficult the case is too get off. We actually broke a nail taking the case off, and it was not easy to get it off altogether. The case also tends to be a bit slippery to grip because of its glossy exterior.

All in all, if you’re looking for a case that will pop with beautiful artwork, GelaSkins excels at that while also offering a much appreciated slim profile that won’t weigh down or bulk up your sleek iPhone 5. Just take into consideration, that because the removal process is such a hassle, you wont want to remove this case for a long while. GelaSkins HardCase for iPhone 5 retails for $34.95.

The Good: Beautiful artwork selection, Slim profile case with front-facing protection, Comes with matching wallpaper

The Bad: Very difficult to put on and take off

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