Hands On with the SpareOne Emergency Phone

Here’s a movement we wholeheartedly support, emergency technology. The SpareOne mobile phone is an affordable barebone device powered by just one AA battery with a 15 year lifetime. With the push of a button, it can make an emergency call from virtually anywhere. Even better, you can use it as a regular unlocked cellphone with any GSM sim card.

While the SpareOne is branded as an emergency phone, it’s also an amazing device for children. It sticks to the basics: phone calls and flashlight. The single AA battery will last for 10 hours of talk time. The built-in LED flashlight that can provide an amazing 24 hours of light.

The recently announced SpareOnePlus has one main bonus feature: GPS. This means loved ones can track the device using the free smartphone app. The Plus is also supposed to feature an audible numeric feedback which intuitively communicates with the user.

The appearance of the SpareOne is so cool and nostalgically familiar you’ll want to use it for more than just emergencies. Since you can just pop your SIM card in, it’s a great device for any sort of extreme sporting or excursions like rafting, hiking, or jetskiing. It comes with a waterproof bag and a micro/nano SIM card adapter.

The SpareOne is white with a red back while the SpareOnePlus comes in black or white. Both feature a translucent window revealing the battery. The SpareOne is available for the low price of $100, but this week you can get it on discount from GrandSt.com, a new (and awesome) tech marketplace. The first 500 Chip Chick readers can get instant Grand St. registration using this special link. The SpareOne plus should be out sometime this year and pricing will soon be available.

For more information, check out SpareOne.com.


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