Open Bottles and Give Time-Outs With This Pacifier Bottle Opener Combo

bottle 620x326 Open Bottles and Give Time Outs With This Pacifier Bottle Opener Combo

Well, we’re all about multifunctional devices today anyway, right? Pacifier and bottle opener combination? Sure, why not?

It’s actually a terrific concept, especially for that person you know who always goes a little bit (OK, a ways) past their limit. You can give them a time-out once they’ve had enough. With any luck, the shame of getting a pacifier to the mouth will – no, I take that back, I don’t the shame is going to do the trick, either. Regardless, it’ll amuse everyone else and make for some excellent soon-to-be-promptly-untagged Facebook photos, so you have to mark that down as a win.

The entire bottle opener/pacifier is made from a solid chunk of polished, chromed metal for some reason. You can pop the tops you want open, and cork the ones you don’t, for a little over $24 on Suck UK.