Open Bottles and Give Time-Outs With This Pacifier Bottle Opener Combo

Well, we’re all about multifunctional devices today anyway, right? Pacifier and bottle opener combination? Sure, why not?

It’s actually a terrific concept, especially for that person you know who always goes a little bit (OK, a ways) past their limit. You can give them a time-out once they’ve had enough. With any luck, the shame of getting a pacifier to the mouth will – no, I take that back, I don’t the shame is going to do the trick, either. Regardless, it’ll amuse everyone else and make for some excellent soon-to-be-promptly-untagged Facebook photos, so you have to mark that down as a win.

The entire bottle opener/pacifier is made from a solid chunk of polished, chromed metal for some reason. You can pop the tops you want open, and cork the ones you don’t, for a little over $24 on Suck UK.

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