RCA Mobile TV Tablet is an Android Tablet with 130 TV Stations!

The RCA Mobile TV Tablet (Model DDA850R) is a new Android tablet that offers the best of both worlds – it’s both a portable digital television, and an Android tablet. Inside this device is a standard over-the-air DTV tuner, along with a mobile TV tuner that is compatible with Dyle mobile TV, a service that enables viewers to watch live, local TV while they are on the go. With that type of tech inside, users will have on-the-go access to 130 mobile TV stations – at least while they are in the U.S.

The tablet itself sports an 8″ display with a mediocre 1024 x 768 resolution. Other specs include Wi-Fi, dual cameras, and GPS. The device is also running on a Cortex A5 1GHz processor processor, 1GB of RAM, and it packs in 8GB of on-board memory which can be expanded via microSD. It also sports USB and HDMI connectivity. You get all of this in a body that weighs only 1.4lbs with a battery life that promises to last up to 10 hours.

And while we would not usually consider RCA as a company to buy an Android tablet from, RCA does have a strong history in building portable digital tells, so we’re confident that the TV part of this tablet will be quite good. To that effect, the telly is going to come with features like a real-time signal strength display, an on-screen program information display, digital closed captioning, language settings, an auto channel scan, and a favorite channel setting.

The RCA Mobile TV Tablet (Model DDA850R) will launch in spring for $299. Unfortunately there is no word yet regarding what version of Android it will be touting.


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  1. I wrote a email to RCA asking about the mobile tv tablet and received its coming its coming I wrote also that almost all the portable tvs out there do not work flimsy excuse range why does one channel only tuned in with tv held high overhead screen facing down I ask when in a second email I get no response we the low income are getting the shaft I mean would nice to have a portable tv that tunes in the 24 to 43 it programs into set . what is happening you need roof antenna signal booster amplifier to program tv channels I got 43 channels programed in one tv set I purchased . run outdoors near as possible and only 1 vhf channel comes in with constant mosaic interruption 2 others flash in and out uhf 2 channels come in fair you channel digits and call letters but that sign no signal ah no signal call letters on screen and hard to hear audio from station . this means you can not tune that channel that has severe weather reports . one and half hour battery charge crapola . this app sounds noce but I and many more can not afford subscription give us poor a brake free over the air tv wonderful I do put up with commercials anyway

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