Samsung Takes the Smart TV to The Next Level with the Evolution Kit

The worst part about technology moving so fast today is the amount of waste created. With new, improved, and heavily marketed smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs coming out every year (and people buying them every year, too), we’re seeing a lot of old electronics pile up, and not much to do with them.

Hopefully, the Samsung Smart TV Evolution Kit is a move toward addressing that problem. The kit, which will be unveiled at CES in a few days, attaches to the back of 2012 Samsung Smart TVs, and gives the old TVs a hardware boost (CPU, GPU, memory) that puts them on par with the new 2013 models. The Evolution Kit was mentioned at last year’s CES, but this year will mark the first time when we’ll see the device in action.

On the e-waste front, you’ll still have a bunch of junk Evolution Kits as the years pass, but if we’re choosing between tons of unused Evolution Kits and tons of unused televisions, I guess the latter is preferable. Still, the televisions you can give away or sell – not much to do with the 2013 Evolution Kit once the 2014 model comes out, and it’s a given that you’re going to see a new kit every year, just like you’re going to see a new line of televisions every year. If the kits are significantly cheaper than the televisions, which they figure to be, it’ll be a good deal for the consumer who frets about staying out on the cutting edge.

Samsung will be showing off the Evolution Kit at their booth at CES. Once they do, we’ll probably learn more about pricing and availability for this year’s model.

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