SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 Review

The SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 is a stylish case with a clean look and unique design that compliments iPhone’s two-tone aesthetic. The Tones case is duo-material even though its just a one-piece case. Other than the suave design available in a variety of colors, Tones is quite protective and includes some great extras.

We’re not huge fans of two (or more)-piece cases, which is why we love the SwitchEasy Tones. It’s a one-piece case with two different materials. The back is made of a tough an scratch-resistant polycarbonate, while the side is softer and made of a shock absorbent TPU material. Since the different materials have slightly different finishes and different tones, the case gives off a really suave look.

Tones has rubberized button overlays for the lock and volume buttons. The lock button is a tad stiff but the volume buttons are much easier. The bottom of the case has an individual cutout for the headphone and charger with speaker holes alongside. We generally prefer one all-encompassing cutout as individual cutouts are often too small.

SwitchEasy is the king of extras. They’ve included not one, but two screen protectors. There is also an adhesive protector for the back of the case, a microfiber wipe, an applicator, and protector plugs for the headphones jack and lightning port, two for each.

The SwitchEasy Tones is an especially interesting case because it has such a clean design, yet it’s quite distinguished and elegantly suave. It’s also really neat how the design is reminiscent of iPhone 5’s aesthetic, but with better color options. The protection on the Tones case is also top notch, the included screen protector seals the deal for all-around safety. The SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 is available for the ripe price of $24.99, but even better, you can get if for as low as $16.06 on Amazon, depending on color. It’s available in black, white, pink, turquoise, dark purple, military green, and grayish blue (pictured), all featuring slightly different tones of the color. It’s a great buy.

The Good: Suave design, Color Options, Dual materials in one-piece design, Protective, Durable, Extras, Button Overlays, Great price
The Bad: Small cutouts for ports, Stiff lock button overlay

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