If You Are Bruce Wayne, You Need Batman USB Cuff Links

Class up the place at your next soiree/gala/reason for wearing a suit with a fine pair of Batman cuff links. That’s not a joke, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. What’s more classy than a billionaire?

And, hey, these are pretty much guaranteed to be the most useful cuff links ever, because they actually have a use besides just sitting there – each one has a 2 GB thumb drive alter ego. The change isn’t quite as dramatic as Master Wayne donning the Batsuit, but you can use your imagination.

The links show off the classic black and yellow bat symbol, with the DC logo embossed on the rounded back. They’re not cheaply made, either – these are plated metal with a matte finish. The bat symbols themselves are set on enamel. Of course, not cheaply made means not cheaply acquired – the Batman USB Cuff Links are going for $200 on the Neiman Marcus online store.

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