Dyson Debuts Three New Airblade Drying Systems that Will Blow Your Hands Away

News from the bleeding edge of public restroom technology – AKA the most exciting kind. The gist here is that your hands are going to get really, really dry.

One look at the garbage can of a public restroom that still uses paper towels tells you how wasteful that practice  is – problem is, hand dryers don’t really work that well. That’s why the introduction of Dyson’s Airblade was so great – it was a powerful, automatic hand dryer that actually worked.

Dyson now has a new model of the Airblade coming out, along with a couple completely new designs that you might be seeing in your local public restroom pretty soon. It might not take long, either, because these new models are extremely cheap to run, in terms of energy costs – between $40 and $48 per year, on average. That’s possible partly because of Dyson’s new 1400W motor, which is very small, making Dyson’s new machines space and energy efficient.

The two new Airblade models are the V and the Tap. The V dries both hands separately, blowing air downwards and drying hands in about 12 seconds. Problem is, that will still get water all over the floor. The solution to that problem comes in the Tap. The Tap can be installed in bathroom sinks, and has three arms – one for dispensing water for hand washing, and two arms on the sides that will dry your hands, keeping all (or most, or at least some, knowing public restrooms) of the water in the sink.

Both new models, as well as the updated Airblade, are designed to be more hygienic, containing HEPA filters that remove harmful particles from the air the devices are taking in. All three have also been awarded the Carbon Reduction label from the Carbon Trust, by cutting down dramatically on carbon emissions – specifically, to the equivalent of what is produced from two minutes of watching television over the entire lifetime of the hand dryers.

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