Slacker Revamps Itself to Take on Spotify, Now Offering 13 Million Tracks

Slacker Radio is joining the ranks of Spotify and Rdio, unveiling a new pricing scheme and service that will make on-demand listening an option.

The new on-demand service, which will feature over 13 million tracks, will be part of the Slacker Radio premium account. Premium accounts will also let you create your own playlists and, of course, will be ad-free. What sets Slacker Radio apart from Spotify is its wealth of curated playlists and stations. You’ll also be able to access news, sports, and talk shows from ABC and ESPN using the service. The 13 million tracks are nice, but with streaming on-demand music, the name of the game has always been what’s missing. Like Spotify and Rdio, bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Beatles, and the Eagles will all be absent, for anyone interested in those artists. The also-elusive Metallica is still exclusively with Spotify, and if you want full access to Pink Floyd or Bob Dylan, you’ll still have to head over to Rdio.

Slacker’s curated stations and access to talk shows are its main draw. Slacker’s premium account will be $9.99 per month, and is the only way you’ll be able to access on-demand music through Slacker. That price puts Slacker in the same ballpark as Spotify and Rdio. Slacker Radio Plus will be available for $3.99 per month, and will eliminate ads, allow unlimited song skips, and enable offline listening.

This move could end up being a coup for Slacker, which did a lot of legwork last year, and is found standard in a whole lot of car infotainment systems. Last year, they were almost an afterthought, but rolling out a much-improved service to kick off 2013 could mean a big year is ahead for Slacker.

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