Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini Review

Speck’s CandyShell has been the go-to iPhone case for years now. Now we’re going hands-on with the Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini to see if it lives up to the CandyShell name.

The Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini are basically the same awesome case with one exception, the Grip has a patterned back covered in rubberized grips. Both cases feature Speck’s yummy two-layer design with a soft cushiony interior, and hard glossy shell. The CandyShells offer superb protection, design, and grip, plus they always come in great color combos.

When the CandyShell is attached to iPad Mini, it absorbs the device, becoming one unified product. It feels like that, anyhow, because of the perfect form-fitting design. iPad’s laid into the cushiony goodness that makes the CandyShell impact resistant and shock absorbent. There’s also bumpers on the corners for extra protection.

As with all CandyShells, every case has two fun colors, one for the hard outershell and one for the inner and rubberized accents. Though there’s no front screen protector or cover, the CandyShell offers a great rubberized bezel that exceeds past the screen. There’s button overlays for comfortably pressing the volume and lock buttons. There’s cutouts for all of iPads other ports and switches, and they’re sized appropriately.

Since we travel a lot, we prefer a good portfolio case with all around protection (like Speck’s FitFolio), but we must admit it’s really nice to pick up iPad and have immediate full access to the screen and all of the features. It’s one solid piece, there’s no covers or seals flapping away. This makes the usability great. The grip on both of the cases is fantastic. The CandyShell Grip adds even more grip with a fun design. Unfortunately, there’s no stand, but we realized the rubberized corners and bezel acts as a surface grip that allows us to prop the CandyShell against a wall. This is a much better feature with the CandyShell Grip.

There’s no surprises with Speck’s CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini. It’s been a fantastic lineup for every device we’ve used it on. While they’re just as heavy as an iPad Mini portfolio case, they’re very well protected (though a screen protector couldn’t hurt!). The Speck CandyShell Grip for iPad Mini is available in black/white (shown), fuchsia/poppy (pink/red), harbor/malachite (blue/green), or black/slate. The classic Speck CandyShell is available in raspberry/cool gray, black/slate, black/white, harbor/malachite (shown), or flamingo/fuchsia. They both cost $44.95, which is pricey. Luckily, there’s two things we can always expect from Speck soon after a release: great deals on Amazon, and more colors!

The Good: Perfect Fit, Nice Protection, Good Buttons, Great Grip, Clean Designs and Fun Colors
The Bad: A bit heavy, Rubberized bezel usually wears over time

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