Swizz Brings the Beatz to Monster with Co-Ownership Stake

It’s been announced that artist/DJ/music industry person Swizz Beatz has purchased an undisclosed stake in Monster, the headphone company. As a result, he will join the executive board, and will have a say in corporate strategy from here on out. He becomes the latest in what is becoming a cavalcade of celebrities hooking up with tech companies like it’s prom night.

It’s unknown how much of a share Beatz owns (30 percent? sixty percent? 0.00000001 percent?) – the announcement simply says he has purchased “a co-ownership stake in the company.” Because the company isn’t publicly traded on the market, we probably won’t know unless someone involved decides to let us in on that information, either. It’s also hard to tell what role Beatz (or any other celebrity in any other company, for that matter) will actually have in the company’s decision-making process, aside from the obvious marketing boost that a celebrity brings to the table.

Beatz is married to Alicia Keys, who did something a little similar recently, becoming global creative director of BlackBerry, a position that was most likely created at the same time Keys was brought on board. Incidentally, Keys also performed at Monster’s awards gala at CES, so it seems like the headphone company has maybe already been benefiting from partnering up with Swizz Beatz.

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