Limited Edition Beats By Dre X Colette Gets Pretty in Pink


French retailer Colette is celebrating their 16th birthday this year, and they’ve invited Dr. Dre and 16 other people to the party. Because wherever there is a party Beats by Dr. Dre seems to be there.

They took the Beatbox, Beats by Dr. Dre’s speaker dock, and collaborated with Baron Von Fancy, an artist from New York, to create something worthy of a sweet 16 party or a Molly Ringwald movie in the 1980’s. Von Fancy is known for creating prints and art with bold lettering that makes a statement. The front is still dominated by black speaker grilles, while the back is doused in pink, with “Sweet Sixteen” in black lettering. It’s going to be one bass-heavy party, but then again, is there any other kind these days?


If you want one, better head over to Colette quickly, because this party is going to have a very limited guest list. Only 16 units will be produced for sale. Hey, it’s their party, they’ll do what they want. The Beats By Dre x Colette Beatbox is selling for about $432. However, you’ll have to provide the appropriate sweet sixteen music.