Leash+ is too Smart for Some Dog Owners

The dog leash just got a serious upgrade – you can tell because of the plus.

Leash+ is an appropriate name, because this thing adds a whole lot onto what you would expect out of a dog leash – so, just a dog leash, pretty much. This one does the job of making sure your dog doesn’t tear off across the street at a moment’s notice admirably, but also packs in a pop-up water bowl and a treat holder, one on each side of the Leash+. If you’re planning on going out for a picnic with your dog, look no further.

There’s also a bag holder right on the underside of the hand grip for when your dog needs to take care of business. A clock and an LED flashlight are crammed in to make night walks a little safer. The 16” leash itself conveniently retracts back into the Leash+ once you’re done getting some exercise with your four-legged friend.

You can grab a Leash+ on Amazon now for about $20, and it comes with bags for the dispenser.



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