You’ll Hold it in After Checking Out These New York Toilets

Someone out there has started a remarkable public service called the Toilets of New York. In fact, it’s so good it needs to not be a Tumblr. This should be a carefully organized and easily searchable database. This could prevent trauma in the future.

After all, if you have to go out and you’re worried you might have to go out in public, you’d rather know whether or not your destination toilet is going to be up to snuff, right? You can make preparations ahead of time, unless you want to conduct your own anthropological survey by observing the bizarre human scrawlings that adorn most public bathrooms.

The only problem I have with this Tumblr, which serves as a chronicle of the state of the public restroom in locations all around New York City, is that it’s so obviously tailored to be clean and unoffensive. Some of the toilets here are nasty, but if the average public restroom looked like the average toilet on this Tumblr, I think we’d be in pretty good shape. We assuredly are not. Anyway, the best news is that this Tumblr can’t recreate whatever these places smell like.

So, get to perusing this soon-to-be exhaustive list of public toilets, and figure which places you should absolutely avoid if you want to make sure you don’t have an unpleasant, life-altering experience. Or, you can marvel at the fine art that only public restrooms can provide. Or, you can literally enjoy fine art – one of the bathrooms has a reprint of Starry Night on the wall. If only Van Gogh could see his work now.

Toilets of New York

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