Edward Cullen Would Probably Find The Yaeba Snaggleteeth Attractive


If you didn’t know, the snaggletooth is a thing in large parts of Asia. If your upper teeth are sort of crooked, and one of those canines or premolars sorta hangs out in front of the rest, don’t worry about orthodontics. That’s pretty cute in some circles.But, what if you were cursed with perfect teeth? Good news! You don’t need to get into a fight to permanently wreck your pearly whites. Just grab the Magical Tooth Yaeba Snaggleteeth, a couple of molds for your teeth that will create perfect imperfections for you to wear around. The fake tooth comes in powder form, which needs to be melted down and molded to your tooth of choice – probably the canine on the left or right. Wait 10 minutes, and you’ll have the messed up teeth you always dreamed of.


Of course, it’s nothing like the real thing. This snaggletooth looks less like a snaggletooth and more like a weird quasi-vampire tooth, like if you got bitten by a vampire mosquito instead of a vampire bat or something. Snaggletooth connoisseurs will know the difference immediately. If you’re not worried about them, you can take the plunge and get your own Magical Tooth Yaeba Snaggleteeth for $43 off the Japan Trend Shop, with $13 for shipping.

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