Inventio-HD 720P Video & Audio Recording Sunglasses Review

Google Glass and the Smart Glasses revolution is still a little ways away. For now, there’s Inventio’s affordable HD 720P Video and Audio Recording Sunglasses. These discreet “spy-glasses” look, feel, and work like regular sunglasses, but instead they’ll record hours of footage from your very own perspective. There’s no easier way to record the audio and video in a Day in the Life of YOU!

I think of the Inventio as more of a GoPro action camera mounted to the bridge of your nose for recording pure awesomeness, but it can just as easily be a pair of Spy Glasses for your top secret mission. However you choose to think of it, the specs remain the same. They sport a 720P (1280×720) camera with one microphone and 8GB of internal memory. They can record about 2 hours of footage and have a built-in rechargeable battery capable of lasting 2-3 hours. The included charging/syncing cable also includes AV cables for output straight to the TV.

Considering the Inventio’s technical capabilities, they’re actually quite sleek and stylish looking shades. They’re comfortable too! They’re well disguised, and the only tell would be the little hole on the bridge of the frames. The proprietary charging/syncing port sits on the underside of the glasses and the only button is built into the oval logo on the side. There’s an LED on the inside of the glasses which blinks if you’re recording; it’s mostly invisible to outsiders and this LED will alert you of various notifications.

How do the Inventio-HDs stack up? You can see the videos for yourself, just view them in 720P. The video quality is pretty good. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly the quality of a GoPro sports cam, but for incognito shades with style, it’s really not bad. The videos a bit grainy and fuzzy, but still pretty detailed. Our one big gripe is that it’s constantly readjusting the color balance (as you can see in the video). The audio is pretty good, but it would have been better if there were dual mics. The Inventios also have a pretty nice build quality. They come with a hard case and a soft case. We imagine you could sit on these glasses and they’d be more-or-less okay, though you should avoid that.

With a price of $129.95 from Amazon, it’s hard to be super critical. Compared to the competition (or lack of), it’s really not a bad price as long as it fits a need of yours. It’s an incredibly convenient and comfortable way of recording your perspective without having to resort to helmet cams or complicated rigs. Yes, it’d be nice to have a little extra clarity in our videos, but again, it’s hard to complain–the Inventio-HD 720P Recording Sunglasses, by SpyTec, are affordable.

The Good: Can record about 2 hours of straight video with audio, Comfortable, Stylish, Easy-to-use, Affordable, Pretty decent quality considering size and build, Outputs straight to TV, Regular AVI video format, Incognito/look like real glasses

The Bad: Fuzzy and granular video, Color balance constantly changes, Propriety charging/syncing cable, Resemble fake Oakley Sunglasses

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  1. I’ve totally been stalking your blog to see the paragliding video with these glasses! You could totally punk people while wearing these. Pretty decent price for what you get.Nice meeting you in San Diego-Kristin (ZanymominTX)

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